I’m Doctor Joseph Lefland

And if you’re struggling with yellow, cracked or smelly nails….it isn’t your fault. 

As a podiatrist for 35 years, I know the options you’ve been given are ineffective at best…

 and can cause organ failure at word (yes, I’m looking at you Lamisil). 

Toenail fungus is not something you can afford to take lightly. 

Fungus Of Any Kind Is Your Body’s “Siren” Telling
You That Something Is Drastically Wrong With Your
Internal Chemistry[4]

These problems have become all too common thanks to the polluted air conditioned air we breathe, and the Standard American diet we eat. 

To make matters worse, toenail fungus…

which is actually everywhere in your body…

can go to your eyes and your legs, causing millions to go blind each year or face damage to 

I have spent the last 10 years of my life coming up with a better way./

I Have Lived Long Enough To Know That Nature
Provides The Real Solutions To Every Medical

That is why when I heard that the doctors of the school of “Kampo” in Japan had the solution to toenail fungus…

I had to make the trip out there. 

And what I found truly shocked me. 

They had a certain “powder” that would start fighting the


Literally within seconds we could sit and watch the fungus dissipate and …start to fade away and then…faster than you can imagine…it was thing of the past…

the patient would have a clear and gorgeous nail like you might see on a Victoria Secret model.

The Ingredients In This “Powder” Are 100% Safe
Proven Effective In Several Double Blind Studies At
Major Universities[1]

And it doesn’t just treat toenail fungus, it treats all fungus that may exist throughout the body at the microscopic level.

It also powerfully resolves yeast and mold[2] issues.

Nature always has the answer.

And toenail fungus is no exception. 

If you choose to delay getting help for your fungus I believe you’re playing with fire. 

I don’t mean to scare you but…

If You Don’t Treat Your Fungus Now It Will Spread

And if you use Big Pharma’s “solutions” the fungus will likely come back even more resistant to these medications. It will come back with a vengeance.[3]

There now is a better way.

My product is tested over 10s of thousands of fungus sufferers and received only 5 star reviews.

The ingredients in Fungus Elixir are from far more pure sources than anything you will get from Amazon or anywhere online.

It is kosher, vegan, non GMO, Fair Trade and made in a FDA approved facility. We spared no expense to bring you a product that everyone can take, and will provide nutrition to your entire body, not just your nails.

That’s Why Some Take Fungus Elixir For Life
They just feel that good...

If you don’t order this product, please do order something from anyone else who has these ingredients…

Because your life is precious. Your eyes are precious. Your feet or precious. And I don’t want you to lose any of them. 

Your fungus free life starts right now.

As you’re going to see our formulation contains 12 of the purest herbs and 5 flowers and 16 plants…

from far more pure sources than anything you will get from Amazon or anywhere online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many bottles should we buy?

Many people  find that their fungus is cleared in the first month. That said it may take 3 months for all of the internal infection to be eradicated.  That’s why our 3 bottle offer is the most popular.

That said, 6 bottles or more will give you many health benefits you can’t get anywhere else. Some people never stop ordering Fungus Elixir because of the cognitive and general health benefits. People just feel better and are able to do more when they are on this formula.

2. How do I know it works?

See above for our testimonials which prove that it works. We have thousands more. 

But also remember you can get your money back at any time so this really isn’t even saying yes…it’s just saying “maybe, why not give it a shot?” 

In the member’s area, you will see hundreds more testimonials that we just didn’t have time to show you here…

3. My charge isn’t going through through

This can happen with purchases on the internet. Your bank may have put a freeze on your card in which case just call them…using the # on back of card, and let them know it’s really you who wants to purchase this product and they’ll unfreeze it…

4. Is this manufactured at a reputable manufacturing facility?

This is probably the most well manufacturer product on the market. This product is GMP certified FDA certified kosher vegan non GMO and our manufacturing facilities are some of the most high tech and hygienic in the world. We spared no expense to bring you the cleanest most pure version of the product as we  possibly could find…. 

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